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Things that happen

Who knew

Until today I had never had the idea to insert my name to Wiki search. Now that I have, I found out 2 interesting facts: Kaisa is the Finnish version of Russian pyramide, a billiard game Kaisa is a village in Leisi, Saaremaa So, there are places in Estonia for both my forename and surname. Maybe I should make it a goal to visit all of them...Saaremaa does sound more calling now ;)

The animal songs

I looked through my music library and found more than 50 animal(a very broad meaning of the word) songs. There were several songs about butterflies, cats and nightingales but about sheep and flies as well. Also, Kriminaalne Elevant seems to be obsessed with animals- they have 9 songs with some animal in it. (Not mentioning the band's name itself.) Here's my top 20 of animal songs (top 50 surely would've been too much;). 20. Tom Jones - What's new pussycat (who could resist young mr Jones? :P) 19. Sondre Lerche and the Faces Down Quartet - Nightingales 18.Kriminaalne Elevant - Päikse jänku 17. Sia - Butterflies 16. Kalmer Tennossaar - Konna kosjad 15. Kriminaalne Elevant - Kondori vend 14. Kriminaalne Elevant - Ööbik öögib köögis 13. Jaan Tätte - Hülgeviga 12. Kriminaalne Elevant - Ahvi armastus 11. OK Go - Oh my little kitten 10. Moby - Spiders 9. Kriminaalne Elevant - Võlurkass 8. Joni Mitchell - Song to a seagull 7. Ruja - Luigelaul 6. OK Go - Lovecats 5. The Beat

ABC meme

A - Age: 24 B - Bed size: 1,5. I do think it's a funny thing that there are beds for 1,5 people. C - Chore you hate: washing the floor (read: how on earth is there so much hair and how aren't all people bald by now?) D - Dog's names: well, before transforming into a cat, Truffe used to be a dog E - Essential start your day item: glasses probably, usually don't forget to put them on F - Favorite color: dark orange, something like clay tennis courts or rust G - Gold or Silver: silver H - Height: 167,5, fresh info from last week I - Instruments you play: none J - Job title: it's complicated K - Kid(s): kids are ok, can be cute,can be funny, can be annoying just as all the other people L - Living arrangements: well, there's one always giggling at something on her computer screen, there's one with a current obsession of handicraft and there's one who actually cooks food to herself. M - Mom's name: am I richer because I have more letters in m

Nouns, part 2 + verbs

So, poll #1 is closed and the results are rather surprising for me. Here's how it ended up. nuustik - 4 votes türben - 3 hampelmann - 2 praguul - 1 tarikas - 1 võrr - 0 Who knew there's so much love for nuustik out there? And so few people who appreciate the wonderful r-s of võrr . Somehow I thought that hampelmann could be the one ending up with no votes... Well, it's good that things ended up unexpected. There's a new poll up, this time it's verbs that sound funny/weird/some fancy adjective to me.

The lamest lottery ticket ever

Usually when starting to scratch a lottery ticket the first things you see are zeroes, lots of them. To make you think you're gonna win loads of money of course. That was not the case with my lottery ticket today. No bigger number than 25? Come on! Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad I actually won 10 kroons, it's more than I usually get :P In other news: there are so many goofy-looking people on the streets...wearing cow costumes and wigs. Good for them. I mean, once in a while you just have to take that cow suit of yours out of the closet and make a few rounds in town, otherwise it's just gonna get old. Or get bugs in it. Good thing it'll never be out of fashion though cause I feel that one cow costume for a lifetime is quite enough.


I had the urge to use this little opportunity they offer here in blogger so if you had time to pick your favourite in the poll you'll see in the right column I'd be happy as a puppy. It's not the most original of ideas but I'll try to improve poll by poll.