reede, 23. juuli 2010


Yesterday was a very significant day in my life. You know how sometimes before seeing a movie you think it's gonna be bad and it ends up being way better than expected? Well, that was not the case this time. I have now seen the first Twilight movie and it was so much worse than I thought. It was so bad it was funny. What exactly then?

  • Well, there was the heroine, a closeted emo girl (she so could've used some...a lot of black eye liner), really too dramatic.
  • Then, of course, the boy (who wore so much make up he looked like a creepy clown), speaking very much like a robot.
  • The two main characters together. They had only spoken something like 3 sentences to each other when all of a sudden we were supposed to believe there's this epic love between them. Didn't buy it in the beginning and am not buying it now. There was something between them though. Tension, I'd say. The monotone speech and constant "I'm gonna come"- faces they were making at each other certainly could make this a good example of a bad adult movie. (Now I'm interested in all the possible parodies out there:D)
  • Of course they were using this worn out love triangle where one of the guys is deep and intelligent (that's what we're supposed to think at least) and the other is a nature boy.
  • The vampires there were probably of a different breed than all the others in other vampire books/movies etc because the usual "rules" didn't seem to apply on them. (So the conclusion here is that even the most random True Blood vampires are so much cooler than the ones in this thing.)
  • The villain was brought in too late and didn't really look too intimidating.
  • The acting...well, there's a reason why the actors have only won Teen Choice awards and such. Don't see any Oscars on the horizon.
  • The first hour and 30 minutes were bad but funny, the last 30 minutes were bad and boring.
  • I'm sure there's more.
I'm so looking forward to seeing the next two parts. I guess it can only get more deliciously bad.

teisipäev, 20. juuli 2010

+15.9's an old topic. Every time I see it I just can't not say anything about it. Who are the parents who buy their children toy guns, why do they buy them and how exactly is that ok? Yes, I know, girls play home and boys play war (yeah, right) but how about not encouraging them to play war with weapons that look real. Not gonna get into psychology here since I don't really know that much about it. But I do agree it can't be all that good to a child's mind.

In addition to that, for me personally it's also just very creepy to walk on a street and suddenly see a kid carrying a gun. Am I supposed to think it's not real just because a child is holding it? Well, maybe I am paranoid..

esmaspäev, 12. juuli 2010


Just noticed that these two songs go together so well :)

pühapäev, 11. juuli 2010


And there we have it- even with all the windows open there's not really anything resembling a draught. So I guess it's like it says in the newspaper, not much of a difference between Gambia and Kambja. Thank god for the fan (is that the word?) I bought for AL's birthday.

Yesterday I was reading some old e-mails and got to thinking about their meaning. If someone (in the future) would be reading those mails me and another person have exchanged what would be the conclusion he/she would make. About who those people were and what their ideas were. Of course it's not anything like analyzing the correspondence between Kreutzwald and Koidula (for example) but I think in a sense it might be even more interesting to find out what two usual people write about in their ordinary lives. Just thinking, you know.

Early mornings are not as calm as they should be.

esmaspäev, 5. juuli 2010


I've just laid my eyes on the best career oppurtunity in...I don't know how long. Someone's actually looking for a mascot to an athletics competition. That's been my dream since the early teen years. I'm sure there'll be a big competition for the spot. With this weather... Too bad I'd need a car to apply for it.